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Welcome to the School of Prophets

Graduate Programs

The School of Prophets in partnership with Louisiana Baptist University now offers both a masters (MA) degree and a doctorial (PhD) degree in Advanced Prophetics.

Students enrolling in these programs will complete all their course work under the direction of Jimmy DeYoung, PhD. The thesis and dissertation are under the direct supervision of the University.

Academic Requirements and Costs

Masters (MA) of Advanced Prophetics



Ten Courses1

Historical Thesis

Total Credit Hours for Masters

Credit Hours





Enrollment Fee

Tuition ($150/credit) 

Administration Fee to LBU2




No Charge






1 Most Courses are three credit hours
2 This fee starts the thesis process
3 Does not include graduation fees

Doctor (PhD) of Advanced Prophetics



Thirteen Courses1

Study Trip to Middle East 


Total Credit Hours beyond the masters


Credit Hours







Enrollment Fee

Tuition ($150/credit)

Administration Fee to LBU2



No Charge





1 Most Courses are three credit hours
2 This fee starts the dissertation process
3 Does not include graduation fees
4 Does not include cost of trip to the Middle East

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  Courses for MA Program in Advanced Prophets

BIB 581 God's Plan Throughout the Ages

 1.  Creation
 2.  The Fall of Man
 3.  The Global Flood
 4.  The Rise of Babylon
 5.  Abraham and the Jewish People
 6.  Departures and Returns
 7.  First Coming and Return to Heaven
 8.  The Church
 9.  Rapture
10. Tribulation 
11. Second Coming
12. Kingdom and Eternity Future
BIB 582 The Human Family and Bible Prophecy

 1.  Three Strands of the Human Family
 2.  Gentiles
 3.  The Origins of God's Chosen People
 4.  Personalities of Jewish History
 5.  The Christians-The Church
 6.  From Two Come One
 7.  The "Fullness of the Gentiles"
 8.  Esau and Jacob
 9.  Origins of the Arab World
10. Ishmael's Islamic Invasion
11. Islam and the End Times
12. Esau and the Palestinians

BIB 583 Hermeneutics

 1.  Introduction to Methods of interpretation
 2.  The Allegorical Methods
 3.  The Literal Method
 4.  The History of Interpretation
 5.  The Interpretation of Words
 6.  The Interpretation of Context
 7.  The Historic Interpretation
 8.  The Grammatical Interpretation
 9.  The Interpretation of Figurative Language
10. General Observations Concerning Prophecy
11. Methods of Prophetic Revelation
12. Rules for the Interpretation of Prophecy
BIB 584 Daniel

 1.  Introduction and Daniel's training
 2.  Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
 3.  The "Fiery Furnace"  
 4.  Nebuchadnezzar's Fall from Power   
 5.  The Dreams and Definition    
 6.  The Revived Roman Empire
 7.  Fall of Babylon - the Empire   
 8.  The Rise of Medo-Persian Empire
 9.  The 70th Week of Daniel    
10. Angels and Prophecy
11. Five Personalities of Prophecy
12. At the Time of the End

BIB 585 Ezekiel

 1.  Introduction and Outline
 2.  The Glory of the Lord
 3.  Ezekiel's Call to Ministry
 4.  Ezekiel's Unique Ministry
 5.  Judgment on Israel's Neighbors
 6.  Dry Bones
 7.  The Two Sticks
 8.  Alignment of the Nations
 9.  Demise of Islam
10. Esau and the Palestinians
11. Messiah's Temple
12. The River and the Division of the Land

BIB 586 Revelation

 1.  Introduction and Walk-Through
 2.  Person, Power of Jesus & the Seven Churches
 3.  The Throne Room and Title Deed
 4.  The Sealed Judgments
 5.  Two Witnesses and the 144,000 Jews
 6.  Ecclesiastical Babylon
 7.  The Trumpet and Vial Judgments
 8.  Economic Babylon
 9.  Return and Battle of Armageddon
10. Satan and the Millennial Kingdom
11. The Great White Throne Judgment
12. New Heavens, New Earth, & New Jerusalem
BIB 587 Dispensationalism

 1. Dispensationalism; Help or Heresy?
 2. What is a Dispensation? 
 3. What are the Dispensations found in Scripture? 
 4. The Origins of Dispensationalism
 5. Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism 
 6. Salvation in Dispensationalism
 7. The Church in Dispensationalism  
 8. Dispensational Eschatology
 9. Progressive Dispensationalism 
10. Covenant Theology
11. Ultra-Dispensationalism
12. A Review 
BIB 588 The Jew and Bible Prophecy

 1.  A Chosen People - Why?
 2.  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
 3.  Abrahamic Covenant
 4.  Land Covenant   
 5.  Davidic Covenant
 6.  The New Covenant
 7.  Satan's Plan to Destroy
 8.  Worldwide Dispersion
 9.  The Holocaust
10. Present day In-gathering 
11. The Time of Jacob's Trouble
12. The Kingdom Period

BIB 591 Four Major Trends

 1.  Aliyah - Concept, Conflict and Continuity
 2.  In Biblical Times   
 3.  Today   
 4.  Alignment - Origins of Nations
 5.  Biblical and Modern Day Names for Nations 
 6.  Alignment of Nations Today
 7. Anticipation of Peace - The program,
      person and prospects for Peace  
 8. Modern-day Peace Efforts
 9. The Coming Peacemaker and Peace  
10. Arrangements for the Temples - Past,
      Present and Prophetic
11. Tribulation Temple and Messiah's Temple
12. Temple in Eternity Future

BIB 592 Eschatological Options

 1.  Terms and Definitions
 2.  Dispensational Theology
 3.  Covenant Theology    
 4.  Post Millennialism
 5.  A-Millennialism  
 6.  Pre-Millennialism
 7.  Historic Pre-Millennialism
 8.  Preterism   
 9.  Pre-Trib Rapture
10. Mid-Trib Rapture 
11. Pre-Wrath Rapture
12. Post-Trib Rapture

BIB 593 Introduction to the Study of Bible Prophecy

 1.  Intro to Hermeneutics
 2.  Intro to Dispensationalism   
 3.  Intro to the Human Family and Bible Prophecy  
 4.  Three Major Books of Bible Prophecy
 5.  The Four Major Trends

BIB 599  Thesis

This course is taken for six credit hours.  No thesis credit is awarded until the thesis is completed and accepted by the University.

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Courses for PhD Program in Advanced Prophetics

BIB 651 Bible Survey Prophetic Perspective - A

 1.  Genesis
 2.  Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers
 3.  Deuteronomy  
 4.  Joshua, Judges, Ruth
 5.  I & II Samuel 
 6.  I & II Kings, I & II Chronicles    
 7.  Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
 8.  Job, Psalms
 9.  Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon    
10. Matthew
11. Mark & Luke
12. John
BIB 652 Bible Survey Prophetic Perspective - B

 1.  Acts
 2.  Romans
 3.  I Corinthians
 4.  II Corinthians, Galatians
 5.  Ephesians
 6.  Philippians, Colossians
 7.  I & II Thessalonians
 8.  I & II Timothy
 9.  Titus, Philemon
10. Hebrews, James
11. I & II Peter
12. I, II & II John, Jude

BIB 653 Bible Survey a Prophetic Perspective - C

 1.  Obadiah
 2.  Jonah and Nahum
 3.  Amos, Hosea & Joel
 4.  Isaiah
 5.  Micah
 6.  Habakkuk, Zephaniah
 7.  Jeremiah, Lamentations
 8.  Daniel
 9.  Ezekiel
10. Haggai, Zechariah
11. Malachi
12. Revelation

BIB 654 Jerusalem and Bible Prophecy

 1.  Salem and Jerusalem
 2.  Jerusalem Throughout History
 3.  Capture of Jerusalem
 4.  Political Capital
 5.  Spiritual Capital
 6.  Destruction and Dispersion
 7.  Trodden Down of The Gentiles
 8.  Cup of Trembling
 9.  Garden of Eden
10. Campaign of Armageddon
11. Kingdom Headquarters
12. New Jerusalem
BIB 655 The Jewish Feast

 1.  God's Assigned Feast Days
 2.  Passover
 3.  Unleavened Bread
 4.  First Fruits
 5.  Pentecost
 6.  Trumpets
 7.  Day of Atonement
 8.  Tabernacles
 9.  Spring Feasts Fulfilled By Christ
10. Trumpets - Second Coming, Not Rapture
11. Day of Atonement - All Jews Saved
12. Tabernacles and the Kingdom to Come
BIB 656 Angels and Prophecy

 1.  The Creation of Angels
 2.  Lucifer's Rebellion Against God
 3.  Satan's Strategic Plan
 4.  Angels and the "Days of Noah"
 5.  Angels and the First Coming
 6.  "The Angel of the Lord"
 7.  Angels and the Church
 8.  Angels and the World Order
 9.  Angels and the Tribulation
10. Angelic Battle in the Heavens
11. Angels from the Bottomless Pit
12. Angels in Eternity Future
BIB 657 The Satanic Trinity

 1.  Lucifer's Creation and Rebellion
 2.  Satan's Subtle Strategy - Adam and Eve
 3.  The Satanocracy Through History
 4.  Satan, Demons and The First Coming
 5.  Satan and the Jews
 6.  Satan and Human Government
 7.  Satan and the Church
 8.  The Origins and Activities of the Satanic Trio
 9.  The Angelic Battle in the Heavens
10. Satanic Trio and Campaign of Armageddon
11. The Binding of Satan
12. The Satanic Trio's Eternal Destiny
BIB 658 The Temples: Past, Present, Prophetic

 1.  The Tabernacle's Pattern
 2.  The Tabernacle's Purpose
 3.  Temple Priests, Implements and Sacrifices
 4.  David's Preparations for the Temple
 5.  Solomon's Temple
 6.  Zerubbabel's Temple
 7.  Herod's Temple
 8.  The Temples "Day of Destruction"
 9.  Preparation for the Third Temple
10. The Tribulation Temple
11. Messiah's Temple
12. The Temple in Eternity Future
BIB 659 The Judgments

 1.  The Judge
 2.  The Judgment Seat of Christ
 3.  The Seal Judgments
 4.  The Trumpet Judgments
 5.  The Woe Judgment
 6.  The Vial Judgments
 7.  The Judgment of Gentile World Powers
 8.  The Judgment of the Ten Virgins
 9.  The Judgment of the Sheep and Goats
10. The Judgment of Old Testament Saints
11. The Judgment of the Satanic Trinity
12. The Great White Throne Judgment
BIB 670 The Kingdom

 1.  God's Proclamation of the Kingdom
 2.  Satan's Perversion of the Kingdom
 3.  Daniel's Promise of the Kingdom
 4.  The Lord's Presentation of the Kingdom
 5.  The Jews' Rejection of the Kingdom
 6.  Satan's Kingdom Through History
 7.  Precursors to the Kingdom
 8.  Prospects for the Kingdom Today
 9.  The "Kingdom Now" Heresy
10. The Kingdom: Millennial and Eternal
BIB 671 Independent Study

 1.  Choose a prophetic issue for independent study
 2.  Develop and execute a plan for the study
 3.  Present a project or paper
 4.  Must have faculty approval before starting
BIB 672 Field Project

 1.  Prepare a ten-week prophetic study
 2.  Present this study to a body of students
 3.  Present a project or paper
 4.  Must have faculty approval before starting

BIB 673 Module on Current Events

or "Signs, Wonders, and the Charismatic Movement"


A. Complete the course "Signs, Wonders, and t he Charismatic Movement" as described in the above link,


B. Attend a Current Events Module, as described here:

 1. Must Attend a Module on Current
     Events in light of Biblical Prophecy
 2. This Workshop Presented by Dr DeYoung
 3. There Will be Interaction in the Module
 4. Grade Will be Determined by a Paper
     that Deals with 10 Current Events in
     Light of Biblical Prophecy

BIB 674 Bible Prophecy Study Trip

 1. Take 21-Day Study Trip to Parts of
     Europe, Asia,
and Middle East

 2. Must Take Notes of Class Lectures
     on Location of at least 50 Pages

 3. Interaction with Instructor will be Noted

BIB 675 Bible Prophecy Study Trip

 1. From Notes of Trip, a 100-Page Paper
 2. Must Include Understanding of
     Biblical Geography,
History and
     Prophetic Significance

BIB 799 Dissertation

This course is taken for fifteen credit hours.  No dissertation credit is awarded until the dissertation is completed and accepted by the University.

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Online Education 

Online Education provides a number of advantages such as greater flexibility and the ability to work from home.  However, it also requires individual initiative and self-discipline. 

Mentor-Student Model. Our courses use a Mentor-Student model.  A mentor is one who guides and assists.  It is assumed that Learners have the background, maturity, independence, and discipline to read, gather facts, and learn the course material.  The mentor’s responsibility is to guide you in this endeavor and to assist you whenever there are difficulties.  A mentor is here to answer questions, probe when they find confusion, and suggest alternatives. 

The goal is to provide you with a quality education, personal satisfaction and growth.

Course Assignments.  Each course follows the same general outline.  They are 3 credit hours, run for 15 weeks, have 12 major divisions, and have a final examination and project.  You may complete a course more quickly.  The timing is up to you.
  • Grading

Weekly Paper 7 percent each = 50%

Final Project 25 = percent

Final Examination = 25 percent


  • Deliverables (What you submit to your mentor)

The Weekly Paper is due at the end of each week.

The Final Project is due at the end of the fourteenth week


Illustration.  What follows is a typical week's work and assignment. 

        BIB 581 God’s Plan Through The Ages

  Week One:  The Creation

Reading:  Geneses 1 and 2

Lectures on line:  CFP #1 (There are often audio and video clips that will be available to you Online.)

    Study Questions


1.    What scriptural proofs are there for a 24 hour day of creation?

2.    What about the chronology of creation is often contradictory of “man’s” thinking?

3.    Explain the differences between Chapter 1 and 2 in God’s act of creation.




Two page paper on:  What scripture supports the literal creation as recorded in Genesis?

Final Project (25 percent)

Produce a graphic of God’s timeline from creation to “eternity future.”  Label and describe the key events and the supporting scriptural references.  Due at the end of the fourteenth week.
 Final Examination (25 percent)

The final examination will be open book and the questions used will be taken directly from the weekly Study Questions.

Submitting Assignments.  Your assignments will be submitted electronically as emails with attachments. They will be sent to:

Returning Assignments.  Your assignments will be returned to you by email. A copy of all of your work will be retained by your mentor.  All work will be forwarded to Louisiana Baptist University at the completion of each course.

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Or, where do we go from here?
If you are interested in enrolling into the Masters (MA) or Doctorial (PhD) program here is what you do.

1.    Complete the Evaluation Form.  

The Evaluation form allows us to see what you have done academically and professionally.  It will tell you what academic credit(s) we can transfer into the program and/or life credit based on professional experience.  There is no charge for this service. 

Complete the Online Application here.

To complete the Evaluation Form, click here.

2.    Admission to the Advanced Prophetics Program

Once the Evaluation Form is returned to you and you decide to enroll, you will need to sign the last page of the Evaluation Form at the bottom where it says “Acceptance by Learner.” 

3.    There are two fees due with your signed acceptance.  The first is a one hundred dollar ($100) Application Fee.  The second is an Enrollment Fee of one hundred dollars ($100) which will be forwarded to LBU.  The Enrollment Fee starts the thesis/dissertation process with LBU. 

4.  Mail to:  School of Prophets, Post Office Box 2510, Chattanooga, TN 37809 .   

Upon receipt of your acceptance you will be contacted by a representative of the school to explain what happens next and to answer any questions you may have.

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By email:   You may contact us by email with any questions.  Send an email to Dave James.    Please put “Advanced Prophetics” in the subject line of your email.

By mail:  School of Prophets, Post Office Box 2510, Chattanooga, TN 37409

By phone: (877) 674-3298

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School of Prophets

School of Prophets was started by Jimmy DeYoung, PhD. Dr. DeYoung is a prophecy teacher and journalist who travels the world educating the Body of Christ of the future events foretold in God's prophetic word.  The Schoolof Prophetsin partnership with Louisiana Baptist Universitynow offers both a masters (MA) degree and a doctorial (PhD) degree in Advanced Prophetics.

Dr. DeYoung has several ministries all designed to proclaim the prophetic truth of God’s word.

Prophecy Today Radio.  Prophecy Today is a 5 minute broadcast Monday through Friday where Jimmy DeYoung covers current events in the light of Bible prophecy. This broadcast can be heard on hundreds of radio stations coast-to-coast, or anywhere in the world on the website.

Prophecy Today Weekend.  This is a call-in talk show in which Jimmy DeYoung interviews an exciting guest each week.  He talks about the current political situation in our world today and shows how it sets the stage for the prophetic to be fulfilled.  Prophecy Today Weekend is also carried on the Prophecy Today Network from coast-to-coast and is broadcast live on our website every Saturday from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Eastern Time.

Prophecy Today Online. is a website devoted to bringing you news and information that you need to better understand where we are on God's prophetic calendar of events. Found on this site are:   a Middle East News Update, archived Prophecy Q&A, Dr. DeYoung's broadcast, Prophecy Quizzes, and a weekly poll. provides a rich resource for those interested in world events and how they fit into God's prophetic program.

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Louisiana Baptist University

A Quick History of Non-traditional Access to Education.  In the 1920s UCLA coined the phrase “Life Long Learning.”  They were one of the early proponents of continuing education.  As continuing education programs grew so did non-traditional education; education offered at non-traditional hours, at remote locations, and in specialized educational packages.  As the adult learners became more mobile so did education.  More universities began to offer programs in distance or external education.  Early leaders were Nova University, Union Institute, the University of Maryland, and the University of Phoenix.  The University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 and was among the first to offer a complete degree program through external studies.  Early on their program was ridiculed by traditional universities, but today virtually all large universities now offer some off-campus classes.

Two of the first Bible colleges to offer external studies were Liberty University and Louisiana Baptist University.  LBU was founded in 1973 and has been a pioneer in distance education since its inception.  LBU has a large selection of courses available in Bible, Education, Counseling, and Communications.  LBU now has students in virtually all of the 50 states and in over 40 foreign countries.

In an effort to maintain high academic standards while striving to meet the needs of our students, Louisiana Baptist University systematically invites outside consultants to evaluate the University and its programs.  What follows are comments from some of the most recent consultants.

Dr.  Harold Ledford, Director of Development and Continuing Education
Louisiana State University, Shreveport, Louisiana

In reviewing the Christian Education department of Louisiana Baptist University, I find that it meets the national norms in all areas that I reviewed.  Many of the education textbooks are the same as the ones used at Louisiana.

State University and other major universities. The study guides reinforce and supplement the learning experience. Each course requires several research papers and a comprehensive final test. The university also offers several seminars and workshops each year so that students can interact with faculty and complement their self-study. The university has a staff of well-qualified advisors that can be reached five days a week by phone, fax or e-mail.

Dr.  John Steffens, Vice Provost
University of Oklahoma

My overall assessment of Louisiana Baptist University is very good. The course offerings clearly meet national norms. The study guides are well designed and are augmented with additional required research papers. The final test is administered under the direction of a proctor in order to insure academic integrity. Students have easy access to qualified instructors through phone, fax, or e-mail. It is the intent of the university to offer an academically sound education in a Christian environment; clearly they are succeeding.

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In the United States, educational accreditation has long been established as a peer review process coordinated by accreditation commissions and its members. There are six regional accreditors that accredit public and private institutions of higher education. There are also a number of accrediting organizations formed by groups of professionals that are recognized by the United States Department of Education. Some institutions choose not to participate in an accreditation process. According to the Department of Education, many postsecondary educational institutions and programs that elect not to seek accreditation do, nevertheless, provide a quality postsecondary education (United States Department of Education. Diploma Mills and Accreditation).

While Louisiana Baptist University has chosen not to pursue regional accreditation it does subject itself to peer review. Some of the most recent academic reviews have been conducted by Dr. Leland R. Kennedy, Chancellor, Baptist Bible College/Graduate School, Springfield, Missouri; Dr Harold Ledford, Director of Development and Continuing Education, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, Louisiana; Dr. John Steffens, Vice Provost, University of Oklahoma; Dr. Richard Thompson, Director of Vocational Education, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

The real issue is credibility and acceptance.

Louisiana Baptist University was founded in 1973 and has been given authority by the state of Louisiana to grant both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Faculty members hold advanced degrees in their field of study. The courses all have syllabi that are available for review and the work to complete a course is as intense and rigorous as you would find on any "accredited" campus. Simply put, LBU has credibility! If you are planning to transfer upon completion of the masters degree you will need to be aware that some regionally accredited colleges have general policies against accepting any credits from an unaccredited school. It is always best to check with that institution before beginning your program of study at LBU. Most institutions, however, will either accept your graduate degree from LBU unconditionally or put you on academic probation for the first term. When you successfully complete your first term, the probationary status is removed.

If a current or prospective student or their employer has questions, he is invited to discuss his concerns directly with the University.

By mail: School of Prophets, P.O. Box 2510, Chattanooga, TN 37409
By phone: (877) 674-3298

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